Trilera Retreats provide immersive wellness programming to create improved pathways to physical, mental and emotional health. We’ll walk you through how to maintain balance in your life to promote sustained wellness while educating you on how to not only alleviate your stresses but how to manage them naturally. Participants will experience state-of-the-art healing technologies and have access to trained professionals in the field.

Available Healing Retreats

Spring Session: March 2022

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Summer Session: June 2022

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Fall Session: September 2022

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Winter Session: November 2022

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“I love helping people heal naturally!”

Dr. Mary Olodun

“Dr. Olodun is passionate about the ideologies associated with natural healing and she couples that passion with an educational acumen that is beyond reproach.”

Deon M. Green, Attorney & Client

“Dr. Mary is a top-quality practitioner who pin-pointed the source of a problem I’ve had my entire life; whereas, no other modern medicine physician understood—self included. She is a remarkable ally to my practice and friend to assist me along my wellness journey.”

Dr. Toyin Opesanmi, Family Practice Medical Physician & Client

“Dr. Mary’s natural healing expertise and bed-side manner is second to none. Soon we will move far away from one another, but she will remain my number one natural health advocate and advisor. I will forever continue to refer family, friends and associates to her.”

Charlene Mary K, Clinical Social Worker & Client