My Journey To Trilera

When I was a little girl, I stayed sick. I clearly remember a time when I had a 104-degree temperature and my frustrated and worried mother told me that better wasn’t coming fast enough. “Mary, why can’t you let some things just fly over, you catch everything!” I missed 56 days of kindergarten. My old report cards showed I was a great student…when I was there. I spent a lot of time with doctors and nurses, with growing gratitude for how they made me feel better. I wanted to join their ranks, so I became a nurse at the young age of 18. I wanted to help heal people the way medical professionals helped me.

It would be years later when I learned why I remained sickly as a young girl and even as a young adult – because I LOVED sugar and milk. Two huge factors that cause inflammation in the body, compromise the mucous membrane lining our organs, setting a perfect breeding ground for disease.

While working as a nurse I wanted to understand “why” people returned to our hospital so often with the same problems over and over again. Since I’d believed people received healing through our Western modern medicine, it was confusing to try to understand why so many people came back repeatedly with the same problems and often new ones. Many actively exercised solutions we gave them to take home. I observed first-hand how Americans often pay high medical premiums but achieve poor results. As a national community, we’re living longer but suffering from more diseases now than twenty years ago.

My curiosity led me on a journey that revealed while we were treating their diseases and symptoms, we weren’t actually helping the root cause to jump start their healing.

My curiosity led me on a journey to explore how people could receive true healing. Along my journey, I outgrew drinking milk, maintained mainly a plant-based diet – eliminating any remnants of sugar, drank lots of water and worked out consistently. This lifestyle strengthened my immune system and provided adequate enzymes to help me build up proper antibodies while improving my digestion of good nutrition. Collectively, these factors led to my healing process.

Eventually, my search for answers for true healing led me to naturopathy as I uncovered how the power of herbs and natural remedies healed my son from asthma and reversed my mother’s arthritis, hyperthyroidism and diverticulitis after 40 years of smoking and being on pharmaceutical drugs. Today, she is 91 years old, thriving without pharmaceutical drugs, except for eye drops she uses whenever she thinks they are needed.

As a Doctor of Naturopathy, I have learned how to help the body heal itself – as our bodies are equipped to do. I can offer the world answers and solutions that are not offered in medical doctors’ education, answers that are simple, safe, inexpensive and void of a symptomatic approach.