Moving Beyond Symptoms, Getting To The Root Cause

We live in an age where information and options for almost anything we need or want are endless. Trilera Holistic Care was born out of a vision to offer an affordable and effective holistic approach to optimal health and healing.

Paired with nutrition and lifestyle modifications, I’ve found that high-quality herbal and homeopathic remedies can provide nutrition the body uses like medicine to heal itself.

Our customized assessment evaluations provide a one-stop shop for holistic wellness for the mind, body and spirit. We partner with allopathic and natural health-care professionals to offer a community-based approach to healing.

Our methods offer effective non-invasive therapies, including HALO Photonics Therapy, an infusion of herbals in the body through light; Enzymatic Therapy, balancing body functions via enzymes—the building blocks of nutrition and dietary consultation to help clients achieve ultimate wellness through holistic nutrition; PulseElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy to increase blood circulation, which can enhance cardiac function, muscle stimulation and recovery, physical fitness and endurance, stress reduction, relaxation and sleep quality.

We use client history to triangulate information to help determine a root cause of health problems instead of symptomatic care. We provide well-care remedies to assist the body with healing itself.

We offer tailored wellness retreats to tired mothers with hormonal imbalances, veterans suffering from pain and mild emotional challenges, the grandmother who needs to jump start her healing process after a chronic illness, and healthcare professionals who want to learn more about alternative wellness care.

I believe education is empowering. So, I love facilitating workshops and customizable classes on nutrition, vegan cooking, massage, exercise, motivation techniques, and more.

Looking ahead, Trilera will add newer holistic innovations to assist with the absorption of essential amino acid and minerals, such as peptide bioregulators to help the body with hormonal imbalances, stress reduction, pain relief, relaxation and rest, producing an internal foundation for healing and restoration.