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Dr Mary Olodun

“Trilera makes wellness simple, affordable and relevant to the holistic needs of our society, and the best way to support underserved, struggling and under-empowered communities is through education and communication.”
by Mary L. Olodun, N.D.

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As a naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur and retired veteran with more than 30 years of military service alone, Dr. Mary Olodun is no stranger to being on the front lines of fighting for positive change. The founder of South Carolina based, natural health practice – Trilera Holistic Care, she is passionate about helping people heal.

Dr. Mary employs a creative combination of health science, storytelling, experience and empowerment to engage her audience on health centric matters. She believes it’s important to first meet people where they are on their health journey and help them find the hope that will propel them forward.

Her passion is making health “plain” to her clients so that all people from all walks of life can understand how to better care for themselves and their families. In 2021, Dr. Mary piloted her first women’s wellness retreat to help participants get on the path of transforming their health, ultimately their lives, in ways that mattered most to them.

Dr. Mary is an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator focusing on a wide range of health topics, which include:

  • The Top Leading Threats in our American Culture
  • Food As Medicine
  • Living-Waters Lifestyle
  • Balancing Mind-Body & Spiritual Wellness
  • Genetics over Behavior—Really?

Dr. Mary stays current on the latest research and innovations in natural health and wellness to help her clients not only survive, but thrive in today’s environment. Over the past three decades Dr. Mary has received national recognition from Freedom Healthcare, GoldCare and Hippocrates Wellness Center. She has also earned notable degrees and certifications.

  • Doctor of Naturopathic Health
  • Licensed Ecclesiastical Medical Association
  • Board Certified Natural Health Professional
  • Certified Enzymatic Therapist
  • Certified Homeopathic Practitioner

Dr. Mary specializes in customizing content for a wide range of audiences and formats including:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Classification: Personal
  • Health retreats
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Church meetings
  • School and education classes

Dr. Mary has been featured in several media publications and conferences including:

  • Precision Healing Magazine
  • Royal Ink Magazine
  • Local Biz Magazine

Contact us to discuss how we can customize an engagement with Dr. Mary that meets your needs. For more information about Dr. Mary, visit the About page.

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Dr. Mary is a renowned expert in natural wellness sustainment and an engaging speaker who has captivated audiences with her knowledge and passion for holistic care. With 25 years of experience, she has become a trusted authority in natural healing alternatives, healthy shopping and living holistically.

Dr. Mary has delivered inspiring and informative presentations at numerous conferences, workshops, and corporate events. She has a unique ability to connect with the audience, combining insightful content with practical strategies that resonate with attendees.

As a sought-after speaker, Dr. Mary covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

Natural Wellness

Natural Wellness

Natural Wellness refers to a holistic approach to health and well-being that emphasizes the use of natural remedies, lifestyle modifications, and self-care practices to promote overall wellness. It recognizes the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit and aims to achieve balance and harmony in these areas.

Natural wellness has gained significance as people increasingly seek alternatives to conventional medicine and embrace a more proactive approach to their health. It focuses on preventive measures, such as maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, managing stress, and prioritizing self-care. Natural wellness practices often include herbal medicine, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and other techniques that support the body’s natural healing processes. By promoting wellness from within, natural approaches can complement traditional healthcare and help individuals achieve optimal health and vitality.

Healthy Shopping

Healthy Shopping

Healthy Shopping involves making informed choices when selecting food and other products to support a nutritious and well-balanced lifestyle.

Shopping healthy is relevant as it promotes a nutritious diet and overall well-being. By selecting wholesome, nutrient-dense foods, you support your body’s nutritional needs and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Additionally, shopping healthy encourages sustainability by choosing locally sourced, organic, and environmentally friendly products. It empowers individuals to take control of their health and make conscious choices that benefit themselves and the planet.

Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

Holistic refers to an approach that considers the entirety of a person’s well-being, taking into account the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their health. It recognizes the interconnectedness of these dimensions and emphasizes the importance of addressing them collectively to achieve optimal wellness.

The holistic approach is relevant because it recognizes that a person’s well-being is not solely determined by their physical health but is influenced by various factors. By addressing all aspects of a person’s being, including their mental and emotional states, relationships, lifestyle, and spiritual beliefs, the holistic approach aims to promote balance, harmony, and overall wellness. This approach acknowledges that imbalances in one area of life can impact other areas and works towards achieving a comprehensive state of well-being. It encourages individuals to take an active role in their health by adopting healthy habits, managing stress, cultivating positive relationships, engaging in self-care practices, and seeking therapies and treatments that support the whole person. The relevance of the holistic approach lies in its ability to provide a more comprehensive and integrated approach to health and well-being, considering the individual as a whole rather than focusing on isolated symptoms or conditions.

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Audiences appreciate Dr. Mary’s dynamic speaking style, blending storytelling, humor, and interactive thinking exercises to create an engaging and memorable experience. She fosters a supportive environment where participants feel inspired to explore new perspectives and make positive changes in their lives.

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Dr. Mary, I wanted to really thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I know I left quickly on Thursday as I didn’t want to tear up :)…you have really an impact in our lives, and we are very grateful for you and your passion to heal people from the inside out. You have given me a wealth of knowledge and I intend to continue on with your advice. What can I say, but thank you for listening to me get things off my chest and always keeping it real…I would expect nothing less :). Just know that you blessed this family and showed us the love of Jesus at a time when we really needed it. May you and your sweet family be blessed with lots of love, peace and healthy happiness!

The Cross Family

“Dr. Mary’s natural healing expertise and bed-side manner is second to none. Soon we will move far away from one another, but she will remain my number one natural health advocate and advisor. I will forever continue to refer family, friends and associates to her.”

Charlene Mary K, Clinical Social Worker & Client

“Dr. Mary is a top-quality practitioner who pin-pointed the source of a problem I’ve had my entire life; whereas, no other modern medicine physician understood—self included. She is a remarkable ally to my practice and friend to assist me along my wellness journey.”

Dr. Toyin Opesanmi, Family Practice Medical Physician & Client

“What an amazing homeopathic doctor and friend! I first heard about her from my daughter who was in a health crisis. She was spiraling downhill when she connected with Dr. Mary. Over a 90-day, 3-part program she bounced back to full health with her face glowing. After hearing about the different protocols she went through and seeing the results, I knew that was what I needed.”

Robert Seigworth, Retired US Navy

“Dr. Olodun is passionate about the ideologies associated with natural healing and she couples that passion with an educational acumen that is beyond reproach.”

Deon M. Green, Attorney & Client