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Dr. Mary is a naturopathic doctor who established TRILERA HOLISTIC CARE, LLC in November 2019, with over 20 years of experience in the natural health-consultation field.

Dr. Mary grew up on the Southside of Chicago and began learning about health through her mother’s research and effort to keep her catering clients happy and healthy. She has a passion and gift for natural medicine and believes every ailment can be healed holistically. She became a true believer when she helped her son heal from asthma at a young age and her mother heal from arthritis and hyperthyroidism in her sixties. Today her 23-year-old son and 89-year-old mother are thriving pharmaceutical-free. Through her natural style of teaching, she uses simple techniques to motivate practical application and self-awareness.

Dr. Mary earned her nursing degree while attending high school and received her license in practical nursing in 1989. She began her natural health journey in 1994, while training with Dr. Llaila Afrika, in Hampton, Virginia. She earned her doctorate degree in Naturopathic Health (the study of traditional health and wellness) from Trinity College of Natural Health and also became a member of the Certified Natural Health Practitioners while pursuing a 30-year career in the military.

Dr. Mary self-published her first book, My Little Green Book, in 2011, which guides even the least health-savvy shopper on a journey of choosing the best choices of all food groups, no matter what their daily diet may require. Dr. Mary is a GEMA Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner, Board Certified American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners, Nationally Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Enzymatic and Halo Photonics Therapist, and is a member of the National and local Holistic Chambers of Commerce. Dr. Mary is the founder and owner of Trilera Holistic Care, LLC.

A more client-centric approach toward health and wellness

Trilera Holistic Care offers an affordable, holistic approach to healing through simple plant-based nutritional instructions, in most cases yielding satisfaction from immediate results.

Our methods offer effective non-invasive services, including HALO Photonics Therapy, an infusion of herbals in the body through light; Enzymatic Rebalancing (since enzymes are the building blocks of nutrition at the cellular-level); Pulse ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Sessions to improve blood circulation, and holistic consultation to help clients achieve ultimate wellness through the foods we eat daily.

Trilera uses only the highest-quality herbal remedies with minimum side effects and homeopathic remedies absent of any side effects to provide nutrition the body uses like medicine to heal itself. We offer tailored wellness retreats to tired mothers with hormonal imbalances, veterans suffering from pain and mild emotional challenges, the grandmother who needs to jump start her healing process after a chronic illness and health-care professionals who want to learn more about alternative well-care.

Why is Trilera important now, more than ever?

Americans are suffering from more diseases now than 20 years ago; however, Americans live longer than 20 years ago but lack the quality of life people possessed 20 years ago. People pay high medical premiums with poor results. As a doctor of naturopathy, I have learned how to help the body heal itself – as our bodies are equipped to do. Today, I can offer the world answers that have been lost from our medical doctors’ education, answers that are simple, safe, inexpensive and void of a symptomatic approach.

What are the strengths of the Trilera approach?

Our customized biometrics assessment evaluations provide a one-stop shop for holistic wellness for the mind, body and spirit. We partner with allopathic and natural health-care professionals to offer a community-based approach to healing.

Why should someone consider Trilera for their health-care needs?

My search for true healing led me to naturopathy as I uncovered how the power of herbs and natural remedies healed my son from asthma and reversed my mother’s arthritis, hyperthyroidism and diverticulitis after 40 years of smoking and being on pharmaceutical drugs. Today, she is 91 years old, thriving amidst COVID without pharmaceutical drugs, only depending on natural supplementation and GOD.

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“Dr. Olodun is passionate about the ideologies associated with natural healing and she couples that passion with an educational acumen that is beyond reproach.”

Deon M. Green, Attorney & Client

“Dr. Mary is a top-quality practitioner who pin-pointed the source of a problem I’ve had my entire life; whereas, no other modern medicine physician understood—self included. She is a remarkable ally to my practice and friend to assist me along my wellness journey.”

Dr. Toyin Opesanmi, Family Practice Medical Physician & Client

“I love helping people heal naturally!”

Dr. Mary Olodun

“Dr. Mary’s natural healing expertise and bed-side manner is second to none. Soon we will move far away from one another, but she will remain my number one natural health advocate and advisor. I will forever continue to refer family, friends and associates to her.”

Charlene Mary K, Clinical Social Worker & Client