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Your home for natural wellness balance. Trilera Holistic Care offers an affordable, holistic approach to healing through a variety of simplistic strategies. Our suite of non-invasive WellCare services, retreats and innovative product solutions are customized based on your individual health needs. We believe in drawing from plant-based nutritional solutions to help support the body’s ability to heal.

Innovative strategies include:

  • HALO Photonics Therapy – an innovative way to safely provide customized herbal medicinal healing based on individual assessments
  • PulseElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy – works with your body to stimulate cellular health and blood circulation, which can enhance cardiac function, muscle stimulation and recovery, physical fitness and endurance, stress reduction, relaxation and sleep quality
  • Enzymatic Therapy – uses enzymes, the building blocks of nutrition, while building an individualized enzymatic profile to help provide ultimate wellness through holistic nutrition
  • Salt Therapy – uses salt particles to improve breathing, combat allergies, minimize skin problems, while relaxing cells to enhance detoxification for a better holistic recovery.
  • Homeopathy Consultation – an introduction to one of the most powerful, yet safest (absent of side effects), supplementations, an excellent choice for supporting complex or chronic conditions

Dr. Mary Olodun’s Introduction to Trilera

Move beyond symptoms, to address the cause



Heal Nature’s Way

Receive professional guidance on using herbal and holistic supplementation. Learn what is right for you.

full body assessment

Custom Full-body Assessments

A simple 10-minute, non-invasive scan provides an entire customized report tailored to support your wellness journey.

weight management

Effective Natural Wellcare Services

Holistic, innovative services to address immediate needs. Cutting-edge herbal relief to support and enhance using food as medicine to optimize nutrition.


Natural Health in Action


We use natural, non-invasive techniques to promote total well-being. This approach supports the body and an individual’s multifaceted needs. It takes a broad spectrum of natural health knowledge and skills to employ common methods most effectively – including nutrition, herbology, aromatherapy, homeopathy, movement and supplementation and more. While focused on strengthening an individual’s foundations of health, Trilera Holistic Care leverages actionable tools and techniques to promote holistic wellness.

Check out our approach to health.


  • Follows an integrative approach to understand and address key health needs
  • Serves as a one-stop shop for holistic, non-invasive wellness for the mind, body and spirit
  • Uses the highest quality homeopathic and herbal remedies based on scientific research, absent of any side effects
  • Delivers innovative therapies to support you during your health journey
  • Provides actionable coaching and support to help meet health goals and overcome challenges

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Expert advice and in-depth tips for a healthy life
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Dr. Mary Olodun with a patient at Trilera Holistic Care

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Dr. Mary, I wanted to really thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I know I left quickly on Thursday as I didn’t want to tear up :)…you have really an impact in our lives, and we are very grateful for you and your passion to heal people from the inside out. You have given me a wealth of knowledge and I intend to continue on with your advice. What can I say, but thank you for listening to me get things off my chest and always keeping it real…I would expect nothing less :). Just know that you blessed this family and showed us the love of Jesus at a time when we really needed it. May you and your sweet family be blessed with lots of love, peace and healthy happiness!

The Cross Family

“Dr. Mary is a top-quality practitioner who pin-pointed the source of a problem I’ve had my entire life; whereas, no other modern medicine physician understood—self included. She is a remarkable ally to my practice and friend to assist me along my wellness journey.”

Dr. Toyin Opesanmi, Family Practice Medical Physician & Client

“Dr. Mary’s natural healing expertise and bed-side manner is second to none. Soon we will move far away from one another, but she will remain my number one natural health advocate and advisor. I will forever continue to refer family, friends and associates to her.”

Charlene Mary K, Clinical Social Worker & Client

“Dr. Olodun is passionate about the ideologies associated with natural healing and she couples that passion with an educational acumen that is beyond reproach.”

Deon M. Green, Attorney & Client

“What an amazing homeopathic doctor and friend! I first heard about her from my daughter who was in a health crisis. She was spiraling downhill when she connected with Dr. Mary. Over a 90-day, 3-part program she bounced back to full health with her face glowing. After hearing about the different protocols she went through and seeing the results, I knew that was what I needed.”

Robert Seigworth, Retired US Navy